This year, we will be meeting every Thursday at 6:30pm (mostly) in the Picacho room in the student union. We typically feature a guest speaker (local and state politicians, candidates, conservative activists, local media personalities, etc.) and our meetings are about 1 hour long. Below is our meeting schedule for Fall 2013:

  • Sept. 5                        Picacho Room
  • Sept. 12                      Picacho Room
  • Sept. 19                     Ventana Room
  • Sept. 26                     Picacho Room
  • Oct. 3                         Ventana Room
  • Oct. 10                       Picacho Room
  • Oct. 17                        Picacho Room
  • Oct. 24                       Picacho Room
  • Oct. 31                        Sabino Room
  • Nov. 7                        Picacho Room
  • Nov. 14                      Picacho Room
  • Nov. 21                   Santa Cruz Room
  • Dec. 5                         Picacho Room

Here is a map of the Student Union Memorial Center:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


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